Batumi Transitus (2014)

Of each of the 39 photos from the Batumi Transitus series, there exist 3 limited, numbered and signed prints.

size (500 mm x 700 mm)
Lambda photo print on Dibond (2 mm)

The Graveyard (2011)

Silk screen printing, run of 50 numbered and signed issues. The print is the visual result of the primary research-process for the Eutopia-project The Graveyard.

size (570 mm x 760 mm)

Memorial Multiples (2008)

Of each of the 19 Memorial Images there exist 5 limited, numbered and signed prints, titled as Memorial Multiples. They are part of the Eutopia-installation Collective Memory Gallery.

size varies between A5 (210 mm x 148 mm) and A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
print on polycarbonate board (6 mm), finished with a mat coating